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I had a flight to Taiwan a few weeks ago and I just wanted to wear the comfiest clothes on Earth. If you’ve noticed, there’s actually a “uniform” when you go to the airport. I think this is where comfort mixed with fashion is really required. I’d go with:

1. No Accessories (or maybe just one that you can easily take off for security purposes)
2. An All Black ensemble
3. Wear at least one statement piece (in this outfit, it was the bag and scarf)
4. Comfy flats (I wore boots because I heard it was a bit breezy in Taipei)

We really didn’t do much the first night because we arrived late (don’t let me outfit shots fool you, it was around 6:30pm when we shot this plus I fixed the lighting too) and just had time to eat dinner at Din Tai Fung(a very famous restaurant in Taipei). I ended my night reading this. BMS.

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