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A Space To Play

Isn’t it summer time? And isn’t summer all about having fun? Sanuk definitely made sure everyone will have a space to play! They hosted an event a month ago in Pico De Loro and invited a few friends over so they can showcase their bright and colourful new collection. It was only a two-day event but it was worth it! When we arrived, the place was filled with beautiful props that made me love summer more.

Pico De Loro is a 3 to 4 hour drive from Manila. It’s just a bit further away from Tali and Punta Fuego but if you love road trips, it’s definitely worth the drive. You have to be a member to be able to stay too.

We left Manila around 12nn and arrived around 2:30pm because there was no traffic. After checking in, we were escorted to our room and this surprised us. Happy hour agad agad haha! I’ve always wanted a cooler for out of town trips. Thank you Sanuk! We finished all the chips and drinks right away. Of course, we also wore these cute slippers they gave us. They’re so comfy to wear!

The other people who rode a bus going to Pico De Loro got stuck in traffic so we had an hour or two to relax by the beach.

The area was covered with cool Sanuk props. I love how they really prepared for the event. It made me more excited to see their newest collection!

When I returned to the hotel, everyone was already there! Yay! Sanuk prepared merienda for us by the lagoon so we can all have a get-together just in case someone doesn’t know someone. They also showcased their summer collection. For guys, I personally love the camouflage one. Combined with the orange strings, it’s so nice!

The set up is so colourful and playful.

We had so much food for merienda I thought it was our dinner already! Perfect pica pica food while everyone’s busy taking photos of Sanuk’s summer sandals.

For the ladies’ collection, I couldn’t choose what my favourite pair was because everything’s so nice. I love colorful dresses and shoes, so their collection would really fit me perfectly. During the event, the new collection wasn’t available yet so I couldn’t have a pair of my own- but now it is so you too can get a pair! These espadrilles are perfect for summer. It’s all about prints this time so the more vivid and vibrant, the better.

After happy hour, we all freshened up for the main event. We transferred to the beach area where they prepared a beautiful stage and dinner tables so we can have the best view of the show.

The lovely host of the night, Janeena Chan. I love her charisma and charm!

Sanuk showcased their latest summer collection and shared why their shoes are fit for all kinds of personalities. Even if you’re laid back, a musician, a city girl, and more- there’s a Sanuk pair for you that’ll fit your everyday lifestyle.

I love their colored shoes- it’s so easy to pair your everyday look with this one.

They did several looks to prove how versatile Sanuk sandals are- beachy, city look, smart casual, etc. Since it’s summer time, play with colours and don’t be afraid to experiment with your clothes, accessories and shoes. My favourite is the sandals on the lower left- meant to be worn on the beach when you don’t like wearing flip flops during dinner and night outs.

After the show, everyone enjoyed dinner and had a great time. The best part? I had a very nice massage after dinner! What a way to end my wonderful day!

The next day, I had to leave before lunch because I had work in Manila in the afternoon but I was still able to enjoy the pool after breakfast. Thank you to Sanuk for inviting me to your event. A space to play is all about reflecting the fun part in life- to live spontaneously and to enjoy each and every moment of it. Whether it be your smile, your laughter, your night outs, make sure you always have a space to play. We only live one, so live a fun one! I had a great time in this trip and so did everyone else. Your new collection screams youth and color! I’ll definitely be getting a pair of my own now that’s it’s available. BMS.

For more information, visit Sanuk’s website and follow them on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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