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A Healthier Choice

I have to admit, 24 hours in a day for me isn’t enough. The moment I wake up, it’s non stop work until I get home- that’s me answering emails, blogging, doing errands, pulling out, attending meetings, shooting and a lot more. I don’t get to go to the gym as often like before because of my busy schedule, and when you’re stressed and always on the go, unhealthy choices become inevitable- such as skipping meals because you’re late for a meeting (I’m very guilty about this). We all have to keep our brains running and our stomachs happy to be able to keep up with our busy schedule, so I introduce to you a drink that’s absolutely delicious, nutritious and filling all at the same time: Oishi Oaties Milk and Oishi Oaties Choco Chug.

I used to eat oatmeal and milk everyday for my breakfast. They’re such a healthy and yummy combination! It really helped me maintain a good body weight so when I found out about Oishi Oaties Milk, I just had to try it myself. It’s way easier to bring and drink. Now I don’t have to get a bowl and mix the two together because it’s in one drink already! Oaties Milk is filled with fiber that helps prevent the build up of toxins in our body.

If you’re a chocolate lover, try Oishi Oaties Choco Chug. It’s better than drinking chocolate milk alone because this one has ground oats in it!

Oaties Milk tastes delicious with fruits too! Try it with melon, strawberries or a banana. Yummy! I actually love packing fruits with me so I can munch on them when I get hungry inside the car. This is such a mouth-watering (and healthy) combination! Perfect quick snack for people who are always out and about.

Thicker and creamier with no preservatives, Oishi Oaties Milk and Oaties Choco Chug are going to be included in your top drinks list for sure! They’re easy to bring, a healthy snack if you’re busy, and they’re just amazingly yummy! To sip is to believe!

Check out Oishi’s Facebook Page and Instagram Account to know more about their products. BMS.

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