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A Day with the London Pass Card

This day was probably my most packed itinerary in London! It was filled with excitement and adventure, thanks to London Pass. For those of you who don’t know what London Pass is- well, it’s going to be your best friend on your future trip to the UK. I found out about it through the internet and it’s a sightseeing city card that gives holders access to more than 60 top London attractions, including ZSL London Zoo, Westminster Abbey, free audio guides to Tate Modern Museum (which you’ll see in this post) and a lot more! You’ll save a lot of money and time using this card. Let me share with you my first day journey using my London Pass card. They offer one day passes and three day passes too!

First on the list: ZSL London Zoo. We entered for free (ticket price is usually £23) and skipped the long line because if you have a card, you’ll immediately go to the fast track lane. Whew! Look at these cute little penguins!!! It’s y first time seeing a penguin that close.

We went inside butterfly paradise and I was so shocked when I entered the covered place, they control the temperature inside the room for the butterflies and they’re not caged too! You can literally touch all of them.

I saw a lot of animals for the first time inside the zoo, like pelicans! Was so amazed at how flexible they are.

Also spotted some flamingos from afar.

Checking out ZSL London Zoo’s map so I’ll know my way around the zoo. What to visit first…?

The chillin’ cheetah.

Ring-tailed coati.

Look at the llama behind me. I also read that one of their llamas only has one eye and it’s because Beegee (his name) had his eye removed after being diagnosed with an eye tumor. Now, they call him Captain Beegee!

Did you know that the tiger is the largest among the cat species? And it weighs over 800+ lbs!

We also went inside their aquarium. Spot these lovely corals!

Cheeky gorilla! My anaconda don’t want non unless you got buns hun!

Eastern black and white colobus.

After the zoo, I checked the London Pass book (yes, they have a book and it’s free if you go to their website) and went to their map section to see what’s the nearest next destination I can go to. I love their book because everything’s there!

Next stop: Camden. It’s near the zoo and you can even try their tunnel cruise too!

After that, we went to find Curzon Cinema at Chelsea because with the London Pass, you also get to watch a movie for free! Yes, at this point- this is already my third free thing to do with the London Pass! The card is totally worth it.

Last stop: Tate Modern Museum. You HAVE to go here. It’s a modern art gallery located in the backside area of the London Borough of Southwark. Fact: It’s the most visited modern art gallery in the world, with 4.7 million visitors per year. Artists Matisse and Malevich were the highlights during my trip.

I got a free audio guide during the trip because of my card too. It’s actually my first time using an audio guide and it’s so helpful! I found myself more interested in each artwork that I saw.

Henri Matisse. He was one of the most innovative painters of the twentieth century but for the last seventeen years of his life turned to an entirely new approach to making work, cutting shapes from painter paper. This exhibition explores the development of the cut-outs.

Matisse first used cut paper shapes to work out the arrangement of the objects in his paintings. His artwork became more and more intense and I found myself just standing in the middle of the room so amazed.

After Matisse, we visited other room galleries too. Tate Modern Museum has seven floors. Yep, you can literally spend the entire day here! This one is the Bust of a Woman but Pablo Picasso. This portrait of a photographer Dora Maar was painted on May 5, 1944. Her reconfigured features may reflect the complex atmosphere of the final weeks of the Nazi Occupation of Paris.

The Three Dancers by Pablo Picasso in 1925.

Checking out the other artworks I can take a look at in the Bill Viola artists room.

Home of the Welder by David Smith in 1945. This was made shortly after the Second World War and it reflects Smith’s personal circumstances. He had just been released from his wartime job as a welder, which he believed had restricted his creative work. Like a coded autobiography, various elements in this sculpture relate to his dreams and frustrations at the time.

After Tate Modern Museum, just a few minutes walk and you’ll reach the Millennium Bridge already! I love how you can spot St. Paul’s Cathedral at the back.

So many people pass this bridge and it’s impossible to have a photo taken without any people in it.

Also spotted the Thames River Boat Cruise at that time. You can also do this for free if you have the London Pass card. Sadly, I didn’t have any more time to do this so we went back to Oxford Circus after a long, tiring (but fun) day.

Before reaching out apartment though, I just had to stop at Wafflemeister (I’m a waffle addict) to but my favourite banana/caramel waffle with ice cream on top! You also get to enjoy a 15% discount with the London Pass card. Yes, I really used the card well! Sulit!!!

I had such a wonderful time and London Pass helped me map out my whole day tour. Their book is really informative and it made me realise how beautiful London is. Two weeks even isn’t enough! More travel photos soon. BMS.

To know more about London Pass, click HERE.
To view a full list of all the attractions included in the London Pass, click HERE.
To know about their Day 1 to 3 packages, click HERE.

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