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20 Facts About Laureen

20 facts about laureen uy

So I’ve asked you guys what you want to see on my blog this 2015. I’ve read all your suggestions on my Instagram and Twitter account and please keep ‘em coming! Like what I said, without you guys, I won’t be where I am right now so I promise to blog about the topics you’ve suggested- starting with this one: 20 random facts about me.

20 facts about laureen uy

1. I started my blog last 2010. It was a birthday present for myself so I can have a visual diary and so I can track my everyday outfits.
2. Playing the piano relaxes me. I studied it for four years and my favourite piece to play is “Heaven” by Bryan Adams.
3. I can watch John Lloyd and Bea Alonzo’s movie “One More Chance” over and over again and I’ll still cry each time.
4. My classmates used to bully me so much when I was in grade school. I only had two friends and they both moved to different schools in grade 6. That’s when I also met my real friends and we still see each other up until now.
5. My favourite TV series of all time is F.R.I.E.N.D.S. I practically memorized their lines too.
6. I know every song of Destiny’s Child. I LOVE them and used to play their music everyday when I was young.
7. My perfume is Gendarme classic.
8. I used to be a basketball varsity back in high school. Yup. I was a shooting guard (dos, for those of you who actually play basketball).
9. My blogger besties and I only met through blogging. Back in 2010, Kryz flew Camille and I to Cebu for her brand WAGW and we all met each other for the first time there. We all just clicked and started seeing each other everywhere (events, shoots, work). That’s it. Now we’re sisters from another mister.
10. My first ever TV commercial was for Rexona back in 2007. It was a testimonial TVC and now I’m one of their ambassadors. How cool is that!!!
11. Top three male crushes in the whole world: Adam Levine, Ryan Gosling and my husband Zac Efron.
12. I don’t know how to swim. I took up swimming lessons when I was a kid but after the second session, my eye got so infected (as in) that I had to skip school for a week. After that, I stayed away from any swimming pools for a long time.
13. I love papaya shake with milk but I don’t like eating papaya. Is this weird? Haha.
14. My favourite food in the whole wide world is sinigang with plain rice and patis with kalamansi as the sauce. I can eat three cups of rice if sinigang is my ulam. Oh yeah. My mouth is watering right now.
15. I cried when I first watched Beyonce’s “If I Were A Boy” video. LOL.
16. My assistant Lou (and sometimes my driver kuya Jessie) takes my photos. No, I don’t have any official photographer going around with me everyday.
17. When I was a kid, my cousin thought it would be a good idea to wrestle me so he did the “stunner” on me and broke my tooth. I cried and told me dad- he laughed too.
18. I love corny knock knock jokes and pinoy pick up lines. So much.
19. Chocolates- they’re my addiction. Well.. that’s a given.
20. I love my family more than anything in this whole, wide world.

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