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100 Tokyo

I’m all set for 100 Tokyo! I talked about the first night in Tokyo on my first Japan travel diary and this is the continuation of what we did the following day after our kimono dressing. We did a lot of things included in the “100 Tokyo” list and let me share with you my day journey.

For lunch, we ate at Hounenmanpuku in Nihonbashi and had the best japanese set meal ever. I just got out of the ER because of a stomach flu a few days before going to Tokyo and the doctor told me not to eat much so it won’t hurt again. Sorry doc, how can you say no to all these delicious food? I ate everything and was very satisfied!

Cafe crepes!!! I love crepes and waffles and felt like I went to heaven seeing this place. Can’t decide what to eat! Now I’m craving for something sweet!

Hello fellow asian bloggers Qiu Qiu, Cheesie and Xia Xue.

For our 100 Tokyo photo walk, we went to so many cute and quirky shops indoor and outdoor! Our first stop: Laforet Mall. They collaborated with Disney and had so many nice displays there. These dresses are from the Disney Girls Project (Laforet Collection). Look how the the comic prints are of this dainty dress!

A cute stall inside Laforet. Love the pictures above the clothes- makes it easier for people who want to buy their clothes visualize the merchandise more.

I love their mannequin displays!

Laduree make up. Yes, it’s not a real macaron so don’t eat it! I didn’t even know they had a make up line! I heard they only sell these in Japan.

All dolled up in pink and blue. They said they didn’t talk about their clothes! Well, I guess if you guys are really close friends you tend to think alike.

Filipino bloggers represent! Literal kami in Philippine flag colors lol. We didn’t plan this too!

My favourite shop inside Laforet. How cool are these Bart sweaters!!! I heard this mall is really for funky dressers. I think I belong!

After going around Laforet, we now went shopping outdoors in Harajuku.

Harajuku salesgirls inside 6% Doki. Kawaii! I heard that all the salesgirls in Harajuku are pretty and fashionable! They do represent the brand, so they make sure they look fantastic everyday.

Walking around the streets with these girls made the trip extra fun. We all had fun window shopping and experiencing Tokyo together.

I love their window display. Their fashion is so amazing! This is my favourite store because everything inside is just so bold and colorful- my type of clothing.

Print on print on print on print. Prints everywhere! I love this store!

After the photo walk, we went to Google Japan’s office for the after party and can I just say… WAAHHH!!!!!! I’ve actually stepped inside the Google office! Dream come true!

Time to relax, unwind and chat with people!

I’m so happy METI and Google Japan launched 100 Tokyo. To the people who are planning to go to Japan any time soon, this will be your most useful guide. Also, I’m sure a lot of Filipinos are going to be visiting Tokyo soon because you won’t need a visa to enter anymore starting June! If you haven’t read my first post about Cool Japanand 100 Tokyo, you can check it out HERE.

Traditional sake wood glasses! During their olden days, they used to drink sake in these wooden cups. I took one home as a souvenir.

100 Tokyo being launched that night. Congratulations Google Japan! Cheers to your new projectt. It’s relatively new so I’m sure they’ll be adding more content in the future. If you want to know more about this special project, visit their website and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. BMS.

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