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Whenever I do road trips, I always make sure I wear something comfortable (duh) but still cute at the same time. We always do stopovers somewhere to buy chips so we won’t go hungry inside the car, eat at a restaurant if it’s breakfast time/ lunch time/ merienda time and do a quick shoot if there’s a really nice view along the way. And usually, when we arrive, we just leave our luggage and roam around.. no time to waste! That’s why I make sure I’m always ootd-ready (seriously). I went to Zambawood last weekend and wore this striped dress from Bamboo Body. They specialize in bamboo fabrics and all their designs are very versatile and can be worn in any season. It’s made for layering/ mixing and matching and is the best for traveling- creases (lukot in tagalog) fall out of it as soon as it is on so no need to steam/iron it. It’s so much softer than cotton and fabric is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-odour and mould resistant. Definitely worth buying. BMS.¬†


    1. MARK

      Glad that I learned new English term- creases. hehehe. love your blog! It is perfect site not just for girls but also for homos like me hihi