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To be honest, having green hair isn’t an easy job. Aside from the fact that I have to keep going back to the salon every 3 weeks to have it re-dyed, it also doesn’t suit every color I wear. If I wear a red top, I look like I’m celebrating Christmas. When I decided to dye my hair to this color, I thought brown shades of clothing won’t suit me anymore. I always thought it would only look nice if you wear something classy, but to my surprise, this look turned out pretty well! Not only did I get to wear this beautiful dress, I also got to wear gold accessories too! I went inside XOXO Accessories and just stacked several bracelets and necklaces because I couldn’t decide which one to get.. Everything’s so pretty! Gold pieces with black accents made the look more sophisticated and even though I layered several accessories altogether, it doesn’t look overly done. There’s really something about XOXO Accessories- it makes a certain look more chic. Wearing this plain dress made me more experimental towards my accessories. It’s like a blank page and I got to be creative. BMS.


    1. Lourine

      Let me take my time getting used to your new hair color. Hehe. You surprised me, really. NUng nakita ko pa lang sa IG, I have to scroll back. Haha. But then, that is what BMS fashion is, edgy and experimental :)

    2. Junea

      Hi Laureen, I miss reading your blog posts. I’ve been out of town so I wasn’t able to visit your blog. I just simply love your hair. You rock! :)

    3. cherie

      hi ms laureen i must say that i just love everything about your blog, all the photos and your love for fashion and travel. I’ve been checking your instagram account daily too :D