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Winter Wonderland

st. petersburg street style 1

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H&M bonnet

vintage jacket

Zara leggings

Zara boots

Even though I love summer more than winter, how can anyone not smile when they see snow? It’s definitely something I can’t explain- it brings me happiness to step on snow, to make a snowball and play with my siblings and sometimes stick your tongue out to eat snow (I’m sure you’ll do it too hahaha). I didn’t expect it would be snowing this hard in St. Petersburg- good thing I brought this vintage jacket I got in New York years ago. I don’t have a lot of thick coats because I’ll never get to wear them in my own country, so I make sure the ones I buy are always worth it. BMS. 


    1. lesly anne

      happy new year babylove!!! i think late na ako. hahaha!! but i left you a message in ig i hope you read it :) we all love snow, how i wish dito din sa pinas pero wag na baka di natin kayanin haha!! xo

    2. Viviene Kok

      I buy coats that are absolutely versatile, meaning from the couch to business meetings. haha! Same reason because I would end up being Baked like a potato with the weather here in Malaysia x

      Real Life Nerd //

    3. Gellie anne osabal

      Hello! isa ka sa mga inspirasyon ko sa pag-gawa ng blog. kakaumpisa ko pa lang actually. Keep inspiring others! XOxo