Break My Style | White in Boracay

White in Boracay










It’s my first time visiting this island around this quarter (rainy season). I also went to Boracay during Labor Day weekend last May and I can’t believe how different this island looks in just a span of one month! I woke up in the morning thinking I can lie down by the shore and get a tan and was surprised that it was high tide. By late afternoon, it’s the total opposite, super low tide and you have to walk far just to get to the water- that’s where I found the perfect spot to take an outfit shot! I wore this dress from Reeco that’s really made for the beach. I love how you easily you can remove it in case you want to swim. I’m recently loving all white ensembles- it makes you look cleaner and fresher! Even my sandals are white. Okay, I know it’s easier to wear slippers on the beach, but why not make your feet pretty too (especially during dinners and events)! This one from Terra and Agua is my new favorite. You won’t have any problem if it gets wet because it’s not going to get destroyed unlike other flats. The design is so nice and the gold details looks so chic! It definitely made my look classier. BMS.

Photos by: Spike