Break My Style | White and Wood

White and Wood








Rayban sunglasses

necklace from Laureen Lovers

H&M top

Aeropostale bag from Ginger's Closet

Topshop pants

Alexander Wang heels

There’s nothing comfier than wearing a loose sleeveless top and boyfriends jeans on a casual day. I’m currently in London making this blog post right now and the weather here is bipolar: windy, chilly, warm, hot, then chilly again. My solution? Tank tops and jeans (like this one) plus a jacket so I can just remove my jacket every time it gets hot. I brought this pair of pants and shoes with me too because they’re super comfy- it’s definitely alright to repeat clothes as long as you style it differently. Anyway, going back to this look, I loved how my outfit matched my location. I never tried mixing brown and white before and I’m glad I did. I just hope I don’t blend too much with the background. BMS.

Ps. How talented is my driver kuya Jessie? He took my outfit shots! Hehe.


    1. charleane morales

      nice shot kuya jessie. i know him already nung sa bazzar. :) love the way you carry the back pack. love you ate laureen :)

    2. Jeryl

      This one is my fave Outfit for this month :) Ate Lau, I also want to wear boyfriend jeans but I’m chubby and Has fat legs .. :( Can you suGgest Something that would fit me yet still trendy? Thanks Ate Lau!