Break My Style | White And Washed Out

White And Washed Out










Guess polo and jacket

Celine bag

Guess bracelets and shorts

Elizabeth and James heels

It’s not about having lots of trendy clothes; it’s about choosing the right pieces. I know I’m one very experimental girl, but I always tell myself it’s still important to gather basic pieces because they’re easier to wear and match with other pieces in your wardrobe. I’ve gathered three basic pieces from Guess that every girl should have in their closet. First, a plain white long sleeved polo. You can look sexy just by pairing it a pair of shorts, be all prepped up for a meeting by adding a blazer with a pencil cut skirt and look casual and mall ready with a pair of flats and pants. Second, a denim jacket. Aside from protecting you from the rain, it can actually make a look edgy in an instant. Third, denim shorts. I don’t even have to explain this one. Every girl (I assume) already has one. When combined altogether, the look shows a sophistication in style and it’s very simple to pull together. The denim on denim variety elevates the edgy feel to the next level. BMS.


    1. Kimberli Dadula denaya

      Hi Ms. Laureen! I really love all your styles! hope i could meet you someday and take a photo of us together. you are really my fashion inspiration. by the way, here is my important question. yung blue dress you wore sa esquire ball. from what shop did you buy it kasi i really love it so much and i want to buy it for our graduation ball. Thank you so much! I hope you’ll respond! love lots :-*

      • Laureen Uy

        Awww! Thanks! In the future ;) I think it’s on my blog eh. Really can’t remember na where but I hope you can still search and view my old post!

    2. monique

      your shoes are super sexy! i’m a total fan of your sense of style. i hope i’d be as successful as you someday ms. Laureen. keep inspiring! :)