Break My Style | Wedges and Flats

Wedges and Flats

 Viva La Gam leopard print wedges. Can you believe it’s only P1,550.00?
 Michael Antonio wedges. Sky high heels!!
 Feet for a Queen silver wedges- the back detail is to die for.

And of course, Schu flats. I love that they’re so comfy. Since I have to wear flats more now because of taping, I now have these:
 Rugged look red flats- so grunge I love it.
 Preppy looking gray patent flats.
And for the people who love to get pedicures- this is perfect so your nail polish won’t get ruined. 

Schu also has a promo now- Buy 1 Get 1 FREE! 
Happy shopping. BMS.


    1. fasyonista

      I’m really inspired to collect shoes because of your collection :) I hope you can post kahit 1/2 of your collection/shoe cabinet. Would love to see it! ;)

    2. peekofmylife

      Hi, your style is really amazing. Love your style, shoes, clothes, accesoires…EVERYTHING you wear. You inspire me. Check my blog if you want I’m a new member here.

      P.S.: sorry for my little mistakes, my english isn’t really good, haha. Btw, I’m from France.