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Summer has the hottest days of the year. It’s that time where you can make an excuse to wear something colorful like this floral pants I got from Mango. Summer’s about to end, but it doesn’t mean you can’t wear colorful pieces like these. These are items that surely everyone will love. I missed wearing denim pieces and this cropped top really surprised me. I usually have a lot of cropped bustier tops but they’re always colorful and printed so this is something new. It can easily be layered too. I chose this entire ensemble to show that you can always be comfortable from day to night. This entire look is seriously one of the comfiest clothes I’ve worn. The denim cropped top has a soft lightweight fabric that makes you feel light and breezy. With this kind of look, you don’t really need to excessorize anymore so I wore statement pieces instead like this tiger necklace and thick cuff. Now, if you feel like this is too bare, you can also opt to layer it with another piece of denim. I can definitely say that the beaded details on both shoulders are the bomb. BMS.

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    1. Aleckzandra palisoc

      your pants is so cccuuuuuttttteeee! Very summer-y pa din.

      The Queen says it all

    2. Carmela wenceslao

      hi ms. laureen! i am really a fan of your fashion sense! if you don’t mind me asking, because i really admire your hair color. what color is it? :) thanks ms. laureen! keep it up!