Break My Style | Uneven and Undefined

Uneven and Undefined








Chiz glasses

SM Accessories necklace

Alexander Mcqueen top

Vesti hard clutch

The Stylogist skirt

Nicholas Kirkwood heels

Recently the weather has been very unpredictable, which has lately influenced my style. I’ve been loving pieces that you don’t normally see anywhere and have been trying to dress more mature (if you’ve noticed). Loose sweaters have always been my go-to look, but I tried mixing it with something edgier rather than wearing my normal get up. To make it look more chic, I paired it with this asymmetrical skirt that stands out from the crowd. When I saw this ethnic clutch (also with asymmetrical details) from Vesti, I knew it would go well with this particular look. It’s a hard clutch that can even fit an iPad inside so it’ll be perfect if you’r a fashionable techie lover. It has a gold chain that you can use when you feel like carrying it over your shoulders. So whenever you catch yourself in another gloomy day, just think of something unusual to brighten up the mood. 

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    1. Kerz

      Uneven and undefined indeed since I don’t what to say with this outfit. All I know is I love how you experiment your style. Hopefully you’ll share with us what’s inside your room. Love to find out! XD

    2. Lourine

      You don’t really have rules in styling. I mean you go beyond what is common. that’s Laureen Uy! Amazing :)