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SM Accessories necklace

Bon Weekend apparel

Celine bag

SM Accessories bangles

Celine heels

The sun goes down, the stars come up and all that counts is here and now. My universe will never be the same- I’m glad you came. Okay, this song isn’t for anybody, just so you guys know. Hahaha. I started singing it when I was uploading the photos and thought it would be nice to include it here. Anyway, if you guys do shoots a lot, you probably know where I took these photos. I’ve been using skater skirts a lot lately and wanted to try something different, so I wore this beautiful skirt from Bon Weekend. The print is very youthful and colorful but when mixed with a polo, can still look corporate too. I love the uneven cut- it made the look more fun. I’m actually loving these mature ensembles of mine. At least I’m dressing depending on my age- at least I’d like to think that way. I used to hate wearing polos but I’m loving it now. It makes a person look more sophisticated! Adding accessories to a look can really change the entire feel. I’m glad I scored these beautiful gold pieces from SM Accessories. They seriously have the chicest and most affordable items. BMS.


    1. Lourine

      Why are a little bit defensive about the song? Uuuyyy. Hehe. Kidding! Another stunning shot. Who are taking your photos? :)

    2. Anja Skrba

      The combination is really good! i think thats the most beautiful white shirt i’ve ever seen!