Break My Style | Two-Toned


 Holic black tassel necklace, Bubbles silver tassel necklace
 Bring snake ring, Le Papillion bracelets
 (Hong Kong brand maxi dress, Stella McCartney clutch, Feet for a Queen wedges)

This dress is the best outfit for an effortless day. I woke up not knowing what to wear for the Bauhaus event (because it was held inside a mall and I didn’t want to look too made up) so I decided to wear this.

I’m sure you’ve noticed my wavy, volumed hair. It only took me less than 15 minutes to achieve this effect, and it’s all because of this Goody hair brush.
 This might look like an ordinary brush, but it’s not. It’s perfect for blow drying hair and–
When you push the top part, the bristles go in so you won’t have a hard time taking out hair that got stuck in the brush. So useful. I love Goody! BMS.


    1. fashioneggpplant

      love this, i can totally see myself rocking this look. thanks for the inspiration :)

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