Break My Style | Two Prints

Two Prints

 (Topshop earrings, Stylebreak dress, Cole Vintage bangle, Butingtings rings, Sugarfree pumps)

I attended the Clinique event last week with friends and they just announced that Paolo Maranan is now part of Clinique- so being one of his clients, I watched the entire show and supported him all the way. I love his make up! Nakakaganda! It started around 7pm so I decided to wear a statement Stylebreak dress- long sleeves so that it’s still proper for the event and at the same time backless so I won’t be too covered up. I just love how the dress has two prints that go together- totally makes the vibe young and trendy.
Speaking of Stylebreak, I was featured in “Kabuhayang Swak na Swak,” a morning show in ABSCBN. They featured Stylebreak and my blog and how I started doing these things. If you’re an aspiring business girl or if you want to start your own blog- maybe you can get some tips by watching the video HERE. My segment starts at around 12 minutes on the first part of the video. BMS.
**Stylebreak available in Crossings Trinoma and Crossings Shangri-la Mall.**
Photos by: Robbie Becroft

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