Break My Style | Two In One

Two In One

For today’s post, I’m showing you guys how to style a top in two different ways in just one day.

 (Miss Pinky Binky top, Extreme Finds necklace, H&M skirt, TLTSN shoes)

I had a shoot this day and I was the stylist so I wore flats. When you style, you actually have to be very comfy because you’ll be moving around a lot- fixing the outfit all the time, taping the sole of the shoes, clipping the clothes so it’ll look better. I didn’t wear any accessories on my hands so I can move freely- I just kept my ensemble bright.
(Miss Pink Binky top, Extreme Finds necklaces, SM Accessories bracelets, vintage jeans, Sugarfree pumps)

After my shoot, I went home and dressed up for the opening night of Fuerta Bruza, an amazing dance show that was held in Manila Hotel Tent. So I decided to change into the jeans (that actually kind of matches my top for some weird reason) and piled on silver and neon accessories. What made it pop out more: my neon necklaces and bright pumps- since my entire outfit is printed blue, it definitely gave the whole look an oomph. BMS.


    1. Binti

      I like both looks,but the second really catched my eyes,the top and the pants are really matching plus your neon accesories and your yellow pumps(I think I’m going to buy a pair of bright pumps!).Thanks for sharing and inspiring,have a good day and thanks again :)

    2. Krys

      What a cool abstract print on your blouse! I like how it’s just on the front panel and not on the sleeves– the print kind of reminds me of some of Willem de Kooning’s paintings. Your jeans are really cool as well especially in combination with the blouse and it’s nice to see how easily the piece was able to transition from day to night! Hope you had a good weekend! xx