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Triple P








I’m sure you’re wondering what “Triple P” stands for- it’s print on print on print, my outfit post for today. Prints have a huge impact on my fashion sense that I just can’t explain. When thinking of what to wear with my Sugarfree x Laureen Uy peacock pumps, I didn’t want to be boring and pair it with basic pieces, I wanted the ensemble to be extraordinary.  I actually didn’t have any color palette in mind, but I found this skirt too irresistible not to wear.  It has that psychedelic feel mixed with blue roses and purple vines- it fitted perfectly with my pair of pumps! 

Anyway, I also want to share with you guys this new online lifestyle platform I found:! It gives you the opportunity to share your favorite photos with fashion and beauty lovers from all over the world. Everyday you can find one theme on the site, which gives you a fun way to share your style with others.  I really like the concept and love to go through all the photos others users have posted!  Go to or download the free app in the AppStore and be a user too! 

Photos by: Spike