Break My Style | Touchdown Davao

Touchdown Davao







SM Accessories earrings

Vetus Shop top

Chic Mafia bracelets

Furla bag

Marks and Spencer pants

Sugarfree x Laureen Uy heels


Touchdown Davao!!! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see that I went to Davao for the Lookbook Live event with David and decided to squeeze in a day of relaxation at Chemas Island– but before I talk about those things, here’s what I wore to the event. Fit is one of the crucial factors to looking fab in pants or any clothing for that matter. Too big or tight pants can make or break your style. Wearing the wrong top can also either make you end up looking tacky or stumpy. I really can’t remember how many outfit posts I did wearing wide leg pants, but to tell you honestly, I think I found the perfect pair for me. Together with this white cropped top that showed a bit of my skin in between, it really made a huge difference. Always remember, every detail counts. The slightest detail like showing a subtle hint of your bra or skin can make it look subtly sexy. And since I knew I was going to be explaining the looks I styled to the audience for the event, I wanted to wear light accessories- and these gold and silver chain bracelets from Chic Mafia were just right. You can call the charm bracelets, since they look too cute. It has such a dainty feel that I cannot explain, basta- gets niyo na ako! And like what I’d always say, who says you can’t mix metals? This silver and gold combination rocked my look! BMS.


    1. eRica

      Hey Ms. Laureen! I badly want to see you! i really admire you. I’M REALLY A BIG FAN OF YOURS! i hate myself for missing the event that you guest here in davao with david guison! i want to have a picture with you! can you come here soon so that we’ll have a picture? pretty please i want to meet you soon..

    2. KayLA

      I always check your posts, it brightens up my day, how you mix & match and spread goodvibes through your stylish way. keep inspiring us.
      thank you!

    3. Anaivilo

      I looove those pants! The print is so lovely, but what I love most is the wide silhouette (not sure if that is the right word..) You look gorgeous! :D


      I <3 UR FASHION Ms. laureen and i <3 the fact that u visited my hometown davao. i'd love to see u in person.