Break My Style | Touchdown Baguio

Touchdown Baguio










Apartment 8 top/ shorts

Sheinside jacket

Shiq bags

Topshop socks

Tretorn x Florence Broadhurst shoes

Hello Baguio! I can’t believe it’s my first time here. It’s also my first time doing a road trip that long (it’s located in northern Luzon and is 5-6 hours away from Manila) but it’s definitely worth the travel. I didn’t know what to do or expect in Baguio, all I know is they have the best strawberry taho ever! Hahaha. The usual temperature in Baguio they say is around 15-20 degrees celsius, but since I went there during summer, I kind of expected it wouldn’t be too cold- that’s why I came prepared! I wore this cute loose top and floral shorts from Apartment 8 (that really matched my background well) that’s the perfect summer apparel and if it gets a bit chilly, I can just put on the jacket I brought with me! Now, since I want to go around Baguio (naks, adventurous daw), I brought this Shiq bag that’s bigger than my usual travel bag. I can just toss everything in without having to think about it- the bag doesn’t have any heavy metal details so your shoulders won’t hurt even if you use it the whole day. More about my trip soon. BMS.

Photos by: Spike


    1. Kaye Alid

      Love your outfit sooooooo muuuuch!!!!! Speechless ako ate laur :( hahahhah gotta go there sooooon!

    2. Kay

      i so adore the way you style yourself – so girly and feminine. I love how you match colors and how you carry the whole outfit. I do think you’ll look really awesome in our WINGED FLIGHT SHORTS by Hunt No More. I hope you take the time to browse thru our store and I hope you find something that you adore. as always, i’m loving your blog so very much. cheers! :)

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