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Tie Me Up

 (L) SM Accessories bangles, Bubbles rings (R) Bubbles snake ring, Mia Casa black/gold bangles
(HK brand dress, Givenchy bag, Feet for a Queen wedges)

Philippine Fashion Week again!! This was my outfit when I attended the Guess fashion show.I actually wore this dress the other way. The design was supposed to be at the back but I just found it sexier in front. Not to be too exposed, I decided to wear a long black cardigan over it. Also, I just got this new pair of wedges and they’re the most comfortable pair ever. The design is so subtle but so eye-catching. BMS.


    1. Megann Jabola

      That’s a really cool way to wear your dress! :) Sexy without showing too much. I think when clothes have a special detailing at the back, it’s fun to mix it up sometimes by wearing it the other way around. :)

      ♥♥ Megann of STYLE SURGERY

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    3. [email protected]

      Lately i’ve been getting awesome compliments on how i dress up..=) Super duper thanks to you my dearest school mate Laureen Uy…i super <3 you..=)