Break My Style | The Young Ones

The Young Ones

(H&M neon top and necklace)
It’s so surreal. Everyone’s back!! Jasmine, Jess and Nicole are back in the Philippines for vacation! After having a date with my long lost girlfriend Jasmine, we met up with everyone else. Ava and Jess brought their “jowas” (meaning boyfriend but we used the term “jowa” the whole night haha)– it made me miss Martin. 
Anyway, it was the young group last night. I loved it. I decided to wear just a neon top and shorts because: 
1. It’s a Thursday
2. It was so hot
3.  I felt lazy

1. The ones without partners

2. Jess Wilson and Leo
3. Ava Daza and Yannick Tuason
4. Random
5. My love Jasmine Curtis- Smith


    1. michellebelleza

      So nice to hang with beautiful friends!!! By the way, Jess Wilson was the sister of George right?

      And yeah was reading your last tweet!! That person who`s accusing you has nothing to do with herself. She`s just envy you!!! So just don`t mind her! :D