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SM Accessories necklace/ ring

The Closet Goddess dress

WAGW oversized cardigan

Sugarfree x Laureen Uy heels

Neon. It’s the color of the new generation! O ang OA diba? Hahaha, but I think neons scream out the word youth. Everyone knows I’m a huge fan of neon pieces, so when I was designing shoes for my collaboration with Sugarfree, I made sure to include a hot color. This pair of bold and bright strappy heels with an eye-popping color is not only fashionable but is also comfortable! I also took into consideration that when people wear my design, they won’t be having any problem walking around all day. Now, aside from seeing the shoes itself, I wore an outfit to show you an example of how you can wear it. I found the best street inspiration for all my readers on how to wear this pair of neon heels with a neon ensemble. Since the dress is a solid color as well, I layered it with this lovely oversized tribal cardigan from WAGW. Perfect for our rainy weather.

If you want to buy this Lizelle pink heels from the Sugarfree x Laureen Uy collection, click HERE. BMS.

Photos by: Spike



    1. Chloe

      Wow! Such vibrant colors! Love the ensemble! ^_^
      I just have to say this, I missed your blog! I’ve been following you through bloglovin, and I am wondering why yours don’t show up in my unread. No wonder I missed on reading your entries. Could there be a bug? :( I just hope it gets fixed so that I can easily see if there were unread entries on your blog.


    2. Brenda

      Ate Laureen, paki-sagot tanong ko please? Bakit po ang ganda ganda mo?! hahahahaha. now, i’m starting to be a fangirl. lol