Break My Style | Sunset Shimmer

Sunset Shimmer

(Goody ouchless tie,  Chanel earrings, Freedom Manila top/ shoes, Lunachic thick bangle, Extreme Finds triple stack bangles, D&G bag, Topshop shorts)

Who needs a necklace if your collar is as sparkly as this? Really, the main reason why my outfit looks so chic is because of this top. I decided to revolve my outfit with three main colors: olive green, cream and gold. I went for the sophisticated look by tying my hair in a clean bun, wear classic earrings and tried socks over pumps. Actually, I saw both the top and shoes at Freedom Manila and instantly imagined so many outfits paired with them. The reason why I love this pair of pumps is because it has a gold lining making it look luxurious and can be worn with socks plain or printed for that extra oomph. I was given the privilege to have a sit down dinner with the Ferry Corsten (one of the world’s famous DJs) this night. For more photos, visit Robbie’s BLOG. BMS.