Break My Style | Sunset Session

Sunset Session








Hila Binyamin necklace/ bracelet

Battise Fashion apparel

Timex watch

Alexander McQueen heels

Don’t you just love sunsets? I’m so happy I got a glimpse of this beautiful background before my shoot. It was so perfect with this black apparel I got from Battise Fashion. If you’re looking for fashionable casual and corporate clothes, go check out their website. I really love this gold chain detail that’s connected to my loose top and how well it looked with my pencil cut skirt. I can honestly imagine myself wearing this when I have meetings or important reports in school (school talaga?! Haha)! The small slit on the side is also nice! I didn’t even bother wearing a lot of accessories because I really wanted the look to be minimal. I only wore these accessories from Hila Binyamin. You might think the necklace and bracelet are normal accessories but you’ll be surprised with what they mean. I’m absolutely in love with it. These pieces carry hidden messages which are special to the one wearing them. My necklace 3645= LOVE. I love wearing this piece with a hidden numerology message because it makes me feel like I’m wearing a secret that no one knows. One can simply be a custom-made piece with a special date (birthday, anniversary, wedding date, etc). My bracelet on the other hand, 3332=LUCK. Don’t you just love it? They’re also made of gold or silver plated brass, some with Swarovski stones and gems. BMS.


    1. Lourine

      A magic hour shot! Stunning. I really wanted to have a shot during sunset. But it’s really not that easy. Make or break. All or nothing. Hehe.