Break My Style | Summer Time

Summer Time

(Mel’s Collection necklaces/rings, H&M top, Beauty & Butter nails, Stylebreak dress, Feet for a Queen heels)

This Stylebreak floral dress isn’t like the other dresses you’ll find- it can be worn during the day (as long as you pair it with colored pieces) and can be worn at night because it’s actually a bodycon. The colors of the dress are so vibrant you’ll probably be labeled as the happiest girl alive. Of course, these Mel’s Collection accessories balanced my entire look. You know I’m not too girly when it comes to dressing up, so this studded bib plus silver leaf necklace made it more edgy. They’re actually very light too, so you’re neck won’t hurt at all. I didn’t bother wearing bangles anymore because these connector rings are simply amazing. 
By the way, don’t you just love nail art? Since I’m getting addicted to pastels these days, check out my nails. Thank you Beauty & Butter! You guys did an awesome job. BMS.