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Summer Time








Sunnies Studios shades

Guess dress

Zara sandals

You can’t ever go wrong with this dress- you just can’t. It’s too pretty. I went shopping at Guess before my trip to Boracay and fell in love with this specific design. It’s the perfect summer dress. What I like the most about it is has a corset inside to make your upper body really firm, and it’s still comfortable to wear! It’s funny how just a few months ago I wasn’t wearing anything colorful and loud and when summer arrived, I’m back to wearing prints and neons. This is the perfect piece of clothing to wear when you have a party to attend to but you don’t want to put all your efforts in dressing up. You’ll just be effortlessly stylish in an instant! For a more beach babe look, try making your hair messy/ wavy. BMS.

Photos by: Spike


      • Laureen Uy

        It’s pretty comfy and it’s attached to the dress so it’s not hard/hot to wear :)