Break My Style | Summer Stripes

Summer Stripes

striped beach cover up 1

striped beach cover up 3

striped beach cover up 2

striped beach cover up 4

striped beach cover up 5

striped beach cover up 6

striped beach cover up 7

striped beach cover up 8

Naked Sun bikini

Mango cover up

Pinky Toes sandals

I’m sure all the gyms are full again because the holidays are over and summer is really fast approaching. Last I remember, I’m celebrating New Years with my family and now it’s already mid January! I’m already preparing for my beach trip next week and it’s so hard to diet and workout after Sinulog weekend. I only have 10 days left before my next trip but I’m so determined to achieve the body I want. I hope I can do it (fingers crossed). Anyway, let me take you back to my Bohol adventure a few months back. Cover ups are very important because you’ll probably be out of the water rather than inside most of the time. Also, you don’t want to expose your body after getting out of the sea/pool- you might get sick or something! I found this really cute striped cover up from Mango and fell in love with it. It’s the perfect piece to make you feel like a doña! BMS. 


    1. Jm Dongsao

      I love the color of your cover up Ate Laureen…GodBless on your next trip can’t wait for you to share it^^

    2. vevialyn baja

      I saw your post on instagram at anda , bohol with your friend Nicole Andersson . I want to go , how many minutes the trip because I wanted to see you in person , but I’m busy at that time for the school play.

    3. Karen

      What camera did you use? And what are you’re recommendations? Do you use any photoshop software to edit your pictures?