Break My Style | Subtle Surprises

Subtle Surprises











Love Eyecandy hat

SM Accessories necklace/ bangles

Trendy Pieces top/ leggings

Sorciage by Wacoal bra

Roberto Cavalli bag

Sugarfree heels

I like mixing sheer items with prints and colors, as you noticed on this look. This oversized denim vest (which I DIY-ed myself: cut the sleeves and acid washed) + skull black sheer top from Trendy Pieces really rocked together. I think the velvet print and the transparency of the top really is amazing. It’s kinda nice to see the cross leggings under the sheer top pop out – especially that it’s white with prints all over. It makes the look extra edgy! That’s what you call attention to detail – naks! But seriously, every detail counts, like how I wore this red bra from Sorciage by Wacoal to make the look not boring. I know one daring way to wear a sheer top is to have your bra exposed but in a subtle and sexy manner like this. A very simple way to convert this from inappropriate to appropriate is to have this amazing bra from Sorciage by Wacoal, paired with this sheer top and vest so it’s not too exposed but still slightly visible. I specifically chose this color because it gives an extra pop to the ensemble– well, it’s the only red piece of clothing that’s visible. I honestly believe wearing the right undergarments will make a girl feel more confident about her. Try it yourself! BMS.


    1. hazel joy jimenez

      i do feel more confident when i know im wearing cute & matching undies.. love this edgy look on you!!! ^_^

    2. Lourine

      You really like studs, aren’t you? This outfit is like saying, “you can’t mes s up with me”. Hehe.

    3. bei

      I’m surprised how the subtle make up, the swept ‘do, the innocent face and the punk look makes this ensemble still come up as clean. :) I’m officially inlove with BMS. lol