Break My Style | Stripes and Polka Dots

Stripes and Polka Dots

(Topshop black tank, Hong Kong brand blazer and bottom, Kanditreats  bracelet, Swatch 007 edition watch, Hermes bag and Zara Heels)
Did you know our school has a fashion blog? They spot (randomly) and feature stylish individuals in our university. Here’s what I wore today at school. I wanted to wear my Jimmy Choos but we have a really rocky parking lot, so I settled for these comfy pair instead.
Thanks to: Bryle Penamante
Photos by: Lesley Choa
Special thanks to Kanditreats who gave me a “Jellybean.” You can use it in 10 different ways: As a bracelet, necklace, bag chain, belt and more. It’s a multi-purpose fashion tool.