Break My Style | Statements


 (Unarosa top, Sugar-kissed necklace, Bubbles rings, Love Eyecandy bracelets/clutch, Koi pants)
One of my fave outfits so far. It looks so sleek and chic. The blue chiffon top goes well with my favorite pair of wide leg jeans (seriously, I wear this ALL the time). The clothes are a bit simple, but adding this beaded bib necklace totally glamorizes the outfit. This bib necklace will probably be overused, it will make any outfit stand out! For the finishing touch, I decided to use an oversized animal print clutch. Wear this outfit with an ordinary handbag and it won’t look as good.
Photos by: Gerry Robinson
After all my meetings, I went mall hopping with Robbie and he decided to play around with my camera. This was the day I went to Segnatempo and got my Nixon watch (choose your color!!) and afterwards ended the day with Teaberi winter melon milk tea. Yum yum! BMS.


    1. eggtartbox

      Great use of colour! And chiffon is probably one of my favourite fabrics to wear because it looks so effortless, as it does in your outfit. Looking good ^^