Break My Style | Stairs


(Goody ouchless tie, Personalized Accessories necklace, Lemon Shop top, Gold Dot bracelets/ring, Givenchy bag, Fashion Galore shorts, High Style Fancy booties)

I don’t know why but I find myself so attracted to these type of polos lately- I think it’s because they’re not like the usual plain ones. I love how this top from Lemon Shop has an extra layer of sheer fabric that makes it look extra sleek- and the fact that it’s black and white makes it look extra classy. Whenever there’s wind coming my way, I love it because it makes my look extra dramatic. Very emotera lang! Haha. I would love to wear this with a black pencil cut midi skirt, but it’s just not my character so I made the entire look more colorful and fun. The detail of the shorts balanced my crisp top. 

By the way, I know this is out of the topic but let me announce the winners for my Wacoal x BMS contest:
1st place: Divine Caraecle    2nd place: Vivian Aguilar    3rd place: Maria Cecilia Franco 
Wacoal will just contact you guys directly for the prizes. Kudos to everyone who always join my giveaways, it’s my way of saying thank you. BMS.