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St Tropez

Charriol st tropez watch 1

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Charriol watch

Guess dress

Gucci bag

Wearing the right accessories to achieve a certain look always works. I was going for a clean look so I went with this gray dress that gave me absolutely no shape (that’s why I love it lol). I wanted a watch that would always remind me to keep traveling and I found this Charriol St. Tropez watch perfect for this look. I matched it with my black/ gold accessories because who says you can’t mix silver and gold together? BMS. 


    1. ABigail mijares

      Haaay laureen! You will always be my QUeen In Fashion!! Always been inspired of your looks and coNfidence! from casual to elegant

    2. Jullia Mabingnay

      Super love this clean yet awesome look! Also, im inspired on how short yet informative caption you have in your blog. Thinking if i should start a blog na din?