Break My Style | Sparkling White

Sparkling White









Extreme Finds necklace

Tracyeinny top/ rings

Jimmy Choo bag

Tracyeinny pants

Valentino Heels

I rarely wear halter tops, but recently I just find them so attractive. Not only does it make your collar bone pop out more, but it makes your shoulders look incredibly nice too. When I found this top from Tracyeinny, I knew it was going to be perfect for one of my events- and true enough, I wore it for Close Up’s Forever Summer launch. This top gives out such a sophisticated and classy feel. The smallest details count, just like this overlapping fabric in the middle and the stones around the neck hole. Paired with this printed harem pants (which the base color is also white), I think it really looked right for each other- funny because they’re from the same store too! Anyway, I didn’t bother wearing any bracelets anymore and decided to just wear this beautiful statement necklace from Extreme Finds. Isn’t it just jaw-droppingly gorgeous? 

Hold your horses! Before I end my post, I just want to share with you guys that Tracyeinny is offering either FREE SHIPPING to the Philippines or a DISCOUNT COUPON when you purchase from their shop! Believe me, you’re going to love their items! I loved their skirt I wore during my app launch so much (you can check it out HERE).  For the free shipping, just type “freeshippingphil” when you check out. For the discount coupon, just type “breakmystyle” when you check out. BMS.


    1. Rayann

      I love this whole outfit! It looks really fresh. I Wish i could attend your events but im not from manila :(
      Oh, and i followed oN ig and lIked! @rayannco

    2. Kerz

      Wow super duper pretty on this outfit.. Look gorgeous.. Anyways, miss your blog, been busy these past few weeks.. Miss you Ms. LAu! <3