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Beara Beara Bag 1

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Sunday Somewhere sunglasses

Cos top

Daniel Wellington watch

Charriol bracelet

Beara Beara backpack

Boots (unknown)

Do you ever have a favorite bag of yours that you use all the time because you know it’s convenient and light? I’ve always been a sling bag kind of girl but now that I’m experimenting on certain looks again, I find myself getting attracted to knapsacks lately. I’ve been looking for the perfect leather backpack for the longest time and wanted something that’s versatile and can be easily paired with anything inside my closet- that’s when I found Beara Beara online. Although the brand is based in London, Beara Beara actually started in Bolivia wherein they started making and selling leather goods there. Their products are made from raw cows hide and the brand is all about appreciating quality. Their hope is that everyone who purchases their bags appreciate the skill, determination, respect and love that goes into making each individual bag. Read all about their touching story HERE. When I saw this particular bag online, I just fell in love with it. I know the design is plain, that’s why I love it even more. I can use it everyday! Aside from the design, the size of the bag really matters to me too. Since I’m petite, I can’t really wear oversized backpacks because the bag will just eat me alive. I’ve been using it a lot recently, especially during my travels because I can easily find my passport, pen and things inside since it’s structured. What a good find! BMS. 



    1. Jm Dongsao

      “the bag will just eat me alive” hahaha this made my day^^ nice bag Ate Laureen and I love your outfit too. God Bless always :)

    2. Jem

      Hi there! I like your posts! i’m intrigued with this one, though, because i’m planning to go to singapore and would like to know where this is! :)