Break My Style | Shoreditch


Shoreditch London street style 1

Shoreditch London street style 2

Shoreditch London street style 3

Shoreditch London street style 4

Shoreditch London street style 5

Shoreditch London street style 6

Rayban sunglasses

Tommy Hilfiger jacket

Wonder Anatomie sweater

Triwa watch

Dolce and Gabbana bag

Uniqlo pants

Adidas sneakers

Shoreditch is my favorite area in London. There’s just so much inspiration everywhere I look and I guess you can say my style and personality really fits here. Nicole was actually making fun of me and she said I’ve so many “twins” on this neighborhood- everyone’s hair is dyed and their looks are super edgy and cool (not saying I’m cool ah, lol). Remember when I colored my hair blue green before? I had it dyed in London right after I visited Shoreditch because I was just totally inspired to change my look. Guess that’s also the reason why I dyed my hair purple this time. Anyway, this was my ensemble during a lazy non-working day in London! Chill, relaxed and all the layers totally made me feel warm and cozy. Yas. BMS.

Also, I know this is totally not related to my London trip, but I have good news! Smart just launched their biggest data offer#SmartGigaSurf 50! Enjoy 1GB open access data, PLUS 300MB for YouTube, iflix and more. It’s also big enough for subscribers to share with others through PasaData. Enjoy guys. 


    1. analynmnl

      Hi laureen! I’m planning to start up my own blog but i’m still not sure where and how to start. i can’t afford building up my own website yet. among tumblr, blogspot, wordpress, etc. which platform do you recommend?

    2. Danielle Ann Leofando

      The PriNts co-ords well with the backdrop! Love everything about it! So you!