Break My Style | Shoeddict


 Gold Dot black and white wedges. I have a feeling this will replace my Steve Madden wedges (the one I used to wear all – and I mean all- the time. Thank you for sending me these!!
 Schu booties. In this rainy weather, I would probably use these a lot. I love the silk part too.
 Jellybean blue suede wedges. I just had to get them when I saw that they were on sale- 50% off btw. 
 Schu booties. Wedges and booties are my obsession nowadays.
 Pretaporter flats. I love the stripes- thin and straight. I feel going preppy just for these pair.
 and they have it in red too. Choose which one you like better!
And of course, my new baby– Marni. I love the color and the texture. 

Yes, I know, I am a certified shoe addict. BMS.


    1. Vita T.

      The Gold Dot wedges and the suede wedges are just what I am looking for!
      Especially the suede wedges (:

      I hope you enjoy wearing all your new shoes!

      Vita T.

    2. fasyonista

      Love your Marni. So chic and sophisticated!

      Since you love shoes, I suggest you attend the I’m Shoe In Love event/bazaar this weekend at NBC Tent in Taguig! ;)