Break My Style | Sequins and Shimmer

Sequins and Shimmer

 (D&G sunnies, Topshop top, Crossings shorts, TLTSN bangles, Givenchy bag, Feet for a Queen pumps)

I find myself in love with sequins and glitters this month. This was what I wore for the Bloggers United 2 event last week. I only had 3 hours of sleep because of taping so good thing I got my new D&G sunnies to cover my eyes- don’t you just love them? The style and frame suits my face perfectly! It might be also good to tell you guys that they have a “secret sale” in Optical Spex in GB5, LS Pascual and Sarabia Optical in Rockwell. Now it’s not a secret anymore. Anyway, since it was a day event- I just paired this fully sequined top over a pair of denim shorts and gold pumps so it’ll will look fab but laid back/ striking but appropriate/ glam but casual. Ironic.
Btw, I just got a lookbook account so please help me and hype my photos!! Click HERE to hype this look. BMS.
Photos by: Gerry Robinson


    1. eggtartbox

      Yay, more sequins! I’ve really been interested in sparkly clothes as of late, even before the holiday season hit. I like how it does look casual because of the simple pieces you wore it with. Congrats on getting a lookbook account and I hope you can get more sleep later this week! xx