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I’ve been sick for days now and I can’t wait to get better so I can workout and be productive again! I have so many beach travels planned in the next couple of weeks and I can’t wait to just unwind and get a tan again (Nicole keeps saying I’m in dire need of a tan because I actually look whiter now). I’ve also been editing my photos from my Bohol trip last month and it made me even more excited for my Palawan trip this weekend. Sharing with you some photos I took at Pure Shores Villa, this amazing private villa in Bohol that will make you feel like like you’re in some dream wonderland and all things perfect are just there. If you and your barkada want a Holiday getaway where it’s just you guys and no one else, go here. Anyway, I brought my Cesa scallop bikini with me and wore it during our first day there. There’s something about this specific color and style that makes me body look extra toned and athletic, don’t you think? BMS. 


    1. Jm Dongsao

      Scallop bikini style is heart heart^^ I can feel the summer on your post…can’t wait for your next trip.Get well soon Ate Laureen :)