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Binky Doodles bandeau

DIDD jumper

Glazey Mode arm bracelets

Tory Burch bag

Crocs shoes

We grow up but lets admit, we really don’t want to get old. Many of us are looking for ways to stay young and although we can’t stop the clock- it doesn’t mean that we can’t do anything about it. Age is but a number, right? Naks! Yan ang mga sinasabi ng matatanda hahaha. My goal is to stay and feel young as I can- and wearing cutesy items really help a lot. I attended the Crocs event last week and wore this outfit. I wore a jumper with a bandue inside- both printed to make it look extra exciting. I really love the mix, even if they’re both on different color palettes. I piled these accessories I got from Glazey Mode- probably the perfect mix of accessories I’ve done this year. It matched with the event of Crocs, which was “Run Sailor Run”. The anchor bracelet really got me. Also, I love how these accessories can be layered and not look overdone. To finish the look, I wore these very summery topsiders from Crocs. I became part of their family last year and I’m so happy to be growing with them- their newest collections are lovely, especially their own version of classic topsider that everyone adores. Their collection is the combination of traditional boat shoes with comfort and a casual style. Who says that topsider can be as comfy as this?

Ps. Will tell you more about the event tomorrow. BMS.


    1. Kerz

      Wow I love the outfit so pretty and sexy! I really admire your fashion sense, it’s an inspiration for us. Keep sharing new fashion trend Ms. Lau! <3