Break My Style | Rue Saint Honoré

Rue Saint Honoré









Moo sunnies

The Chameli necklace

Ziya top

Heart Factory bracelets

Saint Laurent bag

Celine heels

I’m so sad.. This is my last outfit post in Paris. But no worries, I promised myself I’ll save money again to go back there. I’m reminiscing all the fun and unforgettable things I did with my family and I can’t help but wish that it could happen all over again. Enough about emoting though and back to the real world. Wearing loose pieces in Paris is a must for me, just so the sweat won’t stick to my clothes. I was really intending to wear leggings with this loose top from Ziya, but this skirt won because of the striking heat of the sun. I love the balloon figure that this top made because of the skater skirt underneath- sometimes, I really enjoy wear unbelievably loose tops, I just can’t explain why. And since my top is composed of really thick stripes, it just made sense to wear this pair of Celine pumps with incredibly think ankle straps too. For the last touch, I wore these gold bracelets from Heart Factory. Seriously, I think they’re perfect for everyday wear. The combination is nice and you won’t get hassled because it’s not overly done. BMS.


    1. Iris Castillo

      It looks good with the skirt rather than the leggings, I guess. I love the combination of colors,Black and white with a shade of gold.
      I’m in love with your bag! :)

    2. Hazel Joy Jimenez

      those shoes are so beautiful!!!! you pulled off the big top look!!! kudos! and thanks for sharing all these pictures of paris!

    3. Pat Hernandez

      Hi miss Laureen! Nice look! it looks comfy! :) I thought there is a fashion rule that petite girls should not wear shoes with thick ankle straps because the straps cut the legs thus make one shorter. how do you make it work? and are you wearing a cartier bracelet? hehe.

    4. christine sta. maria

      i didn’t know that loose top and a skirt will fit into the outfit. hihi. just recently discovered na pwede pala silang terno. heheh. well, as usual you look definitely gorgeous Ms. lAU. super sulit yung pagpunta mo sa paris kasi its like you also brought us there w/ your astonishing posts! <3