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Fly shades

Cesa bikini

Sometimes when you feel like you’re too stressed with school/ work or when life is unfair, you just have to shut that part of your brain off and appreciate the finer things in life. A good friend of mine told me to stop thinking about my problems and start being thankful more for what I have. Ever since then, I noticed I smiled more and became more optimistic with everything. When I was in Sheridan Resorts, I made sure to fully enjoy the beach- and I did! I brought all my nice bikinis (including this one from Cesa), made sure I got a tan, ate all the food I wanted and had the best time of my life with my blogger besties. Bottom line is, learn to appreciate. BMS. 


    1. yrag

      I tRuly love all your posts ! It inspires me to do blogging as my new hobby now. Keep up the good work and more powers ms. Laureen!

    2. Denise

      you are so pretty! You are an inspiration to me lau! hihi
      anyways, i’m kinda curious about your work as a blogger. What are the advantages and the disadvantages of being a blogger? please write a post about that. thanks! :)

    3. jean

      Good afternoon laureen! May i ask you a favor for knowibg the brands of the swim shorts of vince uy and how much are those. I personally like the one his wearing in a recent photo you posted greeting him and his swim shorts with really nice patterns. Thank you and god bless!