Break My Style | Roar











As you can see, I’m very into animal prints. I think it’s a tricky pattern to combine and wear, especially with other printed pieces, but if you do it right you could make you a sassy and flashing outfit. It’s really not that easy to combine two kinds of animal prints together, but I risked it and came up with this. I took this bold tiger print pencil skirt from Fashion Strikes and it surprisingly gave me that curve I’ve been looking for when wearing a bodycon skirt. If you’ve noticed, I usually wear loose tops with shorts- never anything tight. This one is an exception though, because it doesn’t really look typical. I really love the graphic print and how my corset looked with it. Black and neutrals are the perfect shades to complete my get up so I paired it with a this leopard printed top from Fashion Strikes still. Wearing this corset alone is definitely too sexy for a casual day that’s why I unbuttoned this top and wore it as a cover up. Now, I think this bag from Maxene’s Closet will be so useful to people like me who brings everything with them. I know it’s big but believe me its super light to carry. The thin flap is just too cute! I like it because it’s not your typical messenger bag or shoulder bag that you see around. It definitely made my look more classy. Brown and gold combos are a sure classy mix!

Aside from clothing, I’d like to share with you guys a few tips on how to take care of yourself more.. always keep your hair beautiful and use perfume so your scent will be always remembered. You don’t want to be looking all beautiful but smelling horrible right? Hygiene is very important too. If you want perfumes but find it too expensive, go to Beauty Encounter. They sell perfumes at a discounted price and they also have hard to find scents that you’ll absolutely love. BMS.


    1. Lourine Maulion

      Prints on prints. Your outfit is roaring, I mean it’s a head-turner. I got carried away with the prints. Hehe :)