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H&M hat

Romwe top

Givenchy bag

Ambry watch

Pinkaholic pants

Bijou flats

Since I got back from Kuala Lumpur with my blogger besties, I still haven’t taken a single outfit shot because I’ve been so busy running errands and attending events. This one was taken a few days before I left the country. So I have to admit, I probably won’t stop loving cropped tops- they’re just so fashionable and sexy in a cute way! Since I’ve been addicted to black and white lately, I’m trying to inject at least one or two colors to retain that youthful mood. I wore this beautiful pair of flats from Bijou that matched perfectly with my pants from Pinkaholic. For some reason, they really look like they’re made for each other! The pants make you look longer because of the striped design on the side- plus it’s nice to wear for cropped tops too because it’s high waisted. It has that illusion that your torso is longer, so wearing flats would be fine. I had a lot of things lined up this day, so wearing flats was really helpful. There’s just something about this pair that makes me feel really classy. The black lining and heart-shaped tip is really something! I mentioned on my previous blog post that I’m very much into this style. And of course, let’s not forget the most important thing if your day is busy- a watch. It’s essential especially if you’re always on the go. I got this watch from Ambry not only because of it’s fantastic design, but also to remind me to work hard, save money and go back to Paris again. Every time I look at my watch, I get motivated. Plus, I’ve been looking for an oversized watch since forever. BMS.