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H&M hat

Guess neon corset

Guess apparel

Celine bag

Guess bracelets

Acne shoes

Guess what I’m wearing? Okay, so I just wanted to be pa-witty and say the name of the brand without actually saying it’s the brand! Get it? Hahaha. I love how breezy my loose top from Guess is. Actually, this entire outfit really looks so indie and laid back. I had a short shoot and did errands this day so I wanted to feel extra relaxed. I must say, this will always be my favorite look whenever I feel too lazy to dress up. There’s something about this attire that makes you look unbelievable comfy but at the same time still fashionable. Wearing a neon corset underneath the white sweater made such a huge difference too! The main color is actually white but since there were so many colored accents like my hat, shorts, etc, it made the look really vibrant. Hmmm… it makes me inspired to incorporate this feel on my new condo I’m working on. Yey! BMS.


    1. Pia

      Such a laid back outfit but still very stylish! :) Anyway, Ms. Laureen, I’m wondering if the items in your online shop, stylebreak, are still available? :D

    2. Maria Aeden Cedes C Trono

      Waaa I super love the outfit but, i’m not confident i can pull it off. Still hoping to win! :) ))))

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