Break My Style | Purple










H&M hat

GU top

Alexander Wang bag

Sony Xperia Z3 phone

Topshop shorts

Adidas sneakers

I know I’ve been wearing white pieces lately and because white is such a clean and fresh color, my ensembles have become more feminine too- that’s why I decided to do an all-white outfit that’s more laid back during my trip to Cebu last weekend. Of course, my outfit won’t be complete without a pop of color and this time, it’s not my accessories that made it extra quirky.. It’s my Sony Xperia Z3 in purple. Yes, you read it right! Xperia Z3 is now available in purple. It’s too pretty not to get your hands on, agree? It’s the same great Android smartphone to beat, now in a fashion-friendly color to complete anyone’s look. Now I don’t need any casing to make my phone look extra pretty! It also matched my hat and made my entire look more fun. 

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