Break My Style | Psychedelic









Goody hair tie, SM Accessories necklace/ ring/ bracelets, Pill Clothing and Footwear top/ pants/ heels, Balenciaga bag)


I seldom wear pants because I always have a hard time finding the right pair for me- that’s why I instantly fell in love with this stretch pants from Pill Clothing. Mustard for me is such a classy color and can be easily paired with a lot of designs. Also, since you know I’m such a huge fan of high waist bottoms, this really worked for me. Now, I decided to pair it with this rainbow colored top because of its magnificent print and fabric. It has a psychedelic effect that really makes it look funky and cool. To even out my colorful clothes, I wore these color block heels just to make everything more subtle. The platforms are very high so my feet won’t hurt as much compared to wearing stilettos. Lovely, right? BMS.