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Prints Perfect

 (L-R): Mia Casa connector ring, Le Papillion ring, Bubbles black connector ring
 Island Girl necklaces. They offer a COMPLETE range of trendy fashion accessories focused on highlighting the beauty and versatility of NATURAL Philippine materials. In short, they’re hand-made and very eco-friendly. I can’t believe their price points are around P300 above only! I love it! 
You may contact Island Girl at 09173288990.
(Goody ouchless hair tie, Topshop tank, ukay-ukay cardigan, Versace shorts, Alexander Wang bag, VNC heels)

Mixed it up a little bit by wearing print on print on print. I loved how my top and bottoms had their own separate kind of print, but it worked so well together. Also, I was so amazed by how my necklaces still popped even if my outfit was crazy already. BMS.


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